Correlations anywhere between care about-ranked health, unwell leave, psychological and you can demographic variables

The imply values and you may wavelengths of all the survey performance were calculated. Just like the more affairs towards WCQ possess some other limitation philosophy, weighted imply viewpoints was in fact computed for each and every coping ir a este sГ­tio web means.

Statistical analyses were carried out using the SPSS statistical package, version 17.0 (SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, USA). The ? 2 test was used to find possible sex differences, and correlation coefficients were calculated to find the nature of correlations between variables. A multivariate ordinal regression was performed to find the determinants of sick leave duration. Differences at the level of P < 0.05>

Sociodemographic qualities

Of one’s 390 participants, 342 (88%) was basically men, which is much like the ratio of men on whole Slovenian Army (86% men; P. Papler, individual telecommunications, 2008). Men had been slightly more youthful than female, but the differences wasn’t high (29.eight ± eight.eight compared to 30.1 ± eight.02 ages; Z = -0.66, P = 0.510). Participants encountered the following educational profile: professional university (21%), high-school (62%), school (2%), and you will university or even more (15%); plus the following the ranking: 234 (60%) privates, 105 (27%) non-commissioned officials, and you will 51 (13%) officials. The latest proportions of participants considering rank are like those people regarding whole Military (47% privates, 30% non-accredited officers, and 23% officers; P. Papler, individual communications, 2008).

Extremely participants ranked their health nearly as good or higher level ( Table step one ). Women rated their health a bit even worse than just men, nevertheless variation wasn’t significant (? 2 = seven.33; P = 0.103). The majority of participants had had as much as 10 times of unwell hop out in the 2007. Women spent way more big date for the unwell hop out (? dos = ; P = 0.001).

Desk step one

Self-rated wellness, self-rated unwell get-off cycle, and you can satisfaction having tips regarding life inside a sample off 390 energetic-obligation Slovenian Armed forces soldiers

Really respondents ranked their economic total well being as the average and you will was satisfied with its full well being; no sex differences were found to possess both economic standard (? dos = 4.43, P = 0.351) or total lifestyle (? 2 = step three.97, P = 0.410). Respondents assigned the highest pleasure critiques on their connection with their parents together with low to their reference to colleagues. No sex differences had been found according to its fulfillment into the most crucial dating, namely, with regards to mate (? dos = step three.73, P = 0.443), parents (? dos = 1.41, P = 0.842), or colleagues (? dos = 2.44, P = 0.655).

Coping actions

The most famous coping procedures had been troubleshooting, positive reappraisal of the state, trying personal recommendations, and you can accepting obligation ( Dining table step 1 ). Escape/protection and you will distancing steps was in fact shorter apparently advertised. No extreme sex distinctions had been discovered with respect to the usage of dealing tips ( Figure 1 ).

Employing dealing methods certainly one of active-obligations Slovenian troops according to the New Folkman-Lazarus Method of Dealing Questionnaire. Signed bars – men; light gray – women; dark-gray – the. The variety of the latest dealing balances was off 0 to 18.

The fresh correlation coefficient anywhere between care about-ranked health insurance and ill exit try bad and sparingly higher ( Desk dos ). Self-rated health correlated on avoid/prevention dealing strategy along with the satisfaction parameters. Sick get-off period correlated as we age and you can training, several dealing tips (conflict and you can avoid/avoidance), and you will pleasure having matchmaking which have coworkers. Many years and studies meagerly synchronised with some of coping actions (distancing, escape/protection, and you may structured troubleshooting). Many years synchronised with fulfillment which have finances and connection with partner. Knowledge peak correlated only with pleasure with complete existence problem. More coping steps was in general extremely inter-synchronised, given that have been pleasure variables. website uses cookies to collect statistics of visits and share them with our advertising and analysis partners to provide targeted advertising. By continuing to browse the site, you agree to its terms of use, read more